Today, King Albert is a World Class School with a focus on character education for both staff and students through practice of the Seven Habits of Highly Effective people.  Our mission statement was developed by staff, students and members of our school council and states:

King Albert students, staff and school council are all members of a learning community working together:

·        to provide a safe and welcoming school environment

·        to provide a challenging curriculum which expands mind, body, and character

·        to focus on student success

·        to support goal-setting for life long learning

King Albert has a staff of five classroom teachers, a fulltime Resource teacher, a full time Librarian/Arts/Resources teacher, and a French teacher.  We have eight support staff consisting of a secretary, library technician, 2 custodians, and 4 educational assistants.

We have student leadership programs to support our character education initiatives.  Our Peer Mediators, who are nominated by students, are trained in conflict resolution and assist with minor conflicts between students on the playground.  This term we launched a new initiative in partnership with the Health Unit called PROPS: Peers Running Organized Play Stations.  These students applied and were trained to be leaders at play stations where they help students to develop skills and to play cooperatively with equipment.

The staff of King Albert Public School works as a team to continuously strive to improve our EQAO scores.  To that end, we have organized the school day to ensure one hour of instruction in mathematics and a one hour uninterrupted literacy block each day.  Our Resource program focuses on developing literacy skills beginning with Early Identification in Kindergarten and continuing with support in the junior grades.

Our small school can boast about our strong School Council consisting of ten parents plus teaching staff representation.  Our School Council implements fund-raising projects and organizes movie nights for students.  Our School Council supports student learning by helping to fund buses for field trips for our students.

King Albert students have earned the respect of the community and visitors to our school who recognize that they truly do share respect, responsibility and caring throughout each school day.