One Powerful Question Changes Everything

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What Did You Learn Today?

It’s a question that kids gloss over if they’re asked, anxious to talk about the social issues of the day. It’s no wonder – we are social beings after all.

We challenge families to press a little deeper when asking that question of their kids. Try not to let them get away with the typical shoulder shrug or ” I don’t know”. Follow up with, what did you or your teacher read about today? What did you get to do in math? And challenge them to show off their skills.

Today I spent time in Kindergarten and Grade 1 classrooms in a teaching role and I can tell you lots of learning was happening. It was a good reminder that our number one priority it LEARNING. There are so many other facets to school that often the adults (and kids) forget that we are here for over 6 hours a day to focus on the business of learning. Everything else is a distraction. Try not to let the distractions rule your home conversations about school.