Attendance Concerns Continue at King Albert

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Year over year for the past three years, over 30% of King Albert students (roughly 45 students) are considered to be chronically absent in accordance with Ministry of Education definitions in that they miss 20+ days of school throughout the course of a school year. We also know that our EQAO scores in reading, writing, and numeracy have been declining in recent years. We are trying to change that – we are trying to ensure our students have a chance at academic success in meeting provincial standards – but we can’t do it alone and we need your help.

Research continues to prove a direct correlation between school attendance patterns and student achievement and well being. It’s simple, if a student isn’t consistently at school – then they can’t possibly be learning requisite skills in order to meet provincial standards. Regular absenteeism in early grades affects fundamental reading and math skills. At King Albert, we have plenty of supports and interventions to support struggling students – however those supports can only be offered if the student is present regularly to participate meaningfully. Students who miss 2 or more days each month in elementary school stand a 60% chance of dropping out as early as Grade 9. Folks, we owe it to our children to get them to school.

If your children attend regularly, you’ll know that we honour that with monthly attendance awards. We happily give out between 40-50 attendance awards each month for perfect attendance, however we’d love to see that number grow in the final months of the year. If there are barriers to attendance, we want to be a partner and help out with problem solving and removing barriers together – so please come in and talk to us about your child’s attendance pattern – we’re here to help.


Current attendance data for King Albert Public School as of March 22, 2019. We are at risk of a fourth year where more than 30% of students are chronically absent.