Helping Your Children Cope with Conflict

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Your child comes home, they’re upset, this is not the first time this week they’re upset because of so-and-so who said this, did that, and seems to be getting away with it.

Sound familiar? Feel familiar?

Parenting is tough, especially when your children come home from school upset.

Over the last week, as weather got warmer, we noticed an increase in conflicts over tether ball on the yard for grade -6 students. We’ve recruited some Grade 5/6 leaders to referee this game however that’s just a band aid solution. The lagging skill these problems revealed was that many students struggle with how to handle healthy peer conflict without direct adult management.

A natural part of the developmental process is figuring out how to navigate social cues and settings, so it is important that students learn skills in order to cope with those moments when they have a problem with a friend. Some of the skills involve:

– Using our words and communicating our feelings;

– Using a calm voice;

– Understanding that other people see things differently;

– Understanding it is okay to disagree;

– Using the school approach of Walk and Talk with an Adult. They won’t solve the problem but they’ll help students find their way to navigate the stations safely.

If you worry that your child is experiencing more than a normal peer to peer social conflict, please speak with your child’s teacher or call/visit Mr Burke to discuss as early a possible. The more we work together, the happier our children will be.