Our School Council subsidizes many of our school projects and student field trips.  This past year our School Council focused on raising funds to provide sports equipment for our new gymnasium.  A person is qualified to be a parent member of our school council if he/she is a parent of a pupil enrolled in the school.  I encourage you to join our very active School Council.

Who are we?

We are parents of KAPS students just like you.

…..come join us at our next School Council Meeting in the library everyone is welcome.

We meet on the first Wednesday of every month!

Did you know….
…that your School Council and volunteers:

oHelped raise funds to pay for school buses for your children’s school trips?
oHelped raise funds that provided the school with much needed team uniforms?
oParticipated in creating the Code of Behavior?
oParticipated in and helped organize electives?
oCreated a web page for King Albert ?
oCooked hot lunches?
oContributed to the success of the Breakfast Club?

….and so much more.

Parent Involvement.

The Trillium Lakeland’s District School Board is encouraging parent involvement because they see the value in it. They are providing funds to support and encourage just that; empowering parents. Research shows that children whose parents and/or caregivers are involved with their education do better academically and socially. You can make a difference for your child. We would love to see you at one of our monthly meetings or perhaps you would like to start a sub-committee of your own. And if that doesn’t work there is always someone looking for volunteers. So please join us in making a difference in our children’s lives.

Where are we going?

Where do you want us to go?

It’s up to you.

The sky is the limit.

Any suggestions? They are always welcome.

So why get involved?

Sometimes finding the time to volunteer can be a challenge. But volunteering can be so rewarding. You can be proactive and know what is going on in your child’s school. You can take part in decision making. You can make a difference. You can be heard.

You can meet great people and have a lot of fun!

Watch for these upcoming events:

Family Movie Night

New fundraising gift cards

Thanksgiving Raffle

Clothing Exchange

Christmas Dinner

Christmas Store


Easter Egg Days

KAPS BBQ and Fun Day