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History of King Albert:

King Albert Public School is located at 49 Glenelg St. W. and welcomes students from the locks to Memorial Park on Lindsay Street and from Victoria Ave South to the Scugog River along Kent Street.  There are approximately 120 students from Junior Kindergarten to Grade Six enrolled at King Albert School. In 1871, a school was opened near the southeast corner of the intersection of Glenelg and Cambridge Street to serve the South Ward.

This school was named South Ward School. By the early 1900s, the school was badly in need of repair and an architect’s report recommended that both classrooms be renovated, that new heating be installed, and that an additional classroom be built. However, in 1910 the decision was to build an entirely new facility which was the beginnings of the school we love today.



In 1913, King Albert Public School was opened with a two storey building boasting 4 large classrooms. During World War One, the school name was changed from South Ward School to King Albert Public school after the King of Belgium. King Albert displayed great bravery as he lead his army of soldiers during the war, and continued throughout his life to rebuild his country after it was badly damaged by enemy bombs. He was a great example of loyalty and hard work, a perfect person to name our school after.


In 1951, a four room extension was added to the school, and necessary renovations have been made a various times to maintain the quality of the facility. Most recently, a new gymnasium complete with change rooms and equipment room was added in 2008.


Today, King Albert is an energetic and lively school with a focus on character education for both staff and students through practice of our continuing “Be Safe, Be Respectful” Campaign.



King Albert has a staff of  classroom teachers, a fulltime Resource teacher, a full time Librarian/Arts/Resource teacher, a part time gym teacher and a part time French teacher.  We have seven support staff consisting of a secretary, 2 custodians, and educational assistants. 


Our small school can boast a dedicated School Council. Our School Council implements fund-raising projects which supports learning programs in school and by helping to fund buses for field trips for our students.



King Albert students have earned the respect of the community and visitors to our school who recognize that they truly do share respect, responsibility and caring throughout each school day.